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Hello friend! How are you all, today we are going to talk to you that, apakah benar jika kita memimpikan seseorang orang itu sedang memikirkan kita (is it true that if we dream of someone, then that person is thinking about us?) So today we will discuss about this in detail. So if you want to know, is it true that if we dream of someone, that person is thinking about us? So our companions should read tomorrow from beginning to end and know, is it true that if we dream of someone, then that person is thinking about us?

apakah benar jika kita memimpikan seseorang orang itu sedang memikirkan kita

whether this assumption is true or false

Considering this, when you dream about someone, then the person in front of the dream is also watching about you. Which is absolutely a wrong notion. Because if you are all dreaming. At the same time, the person coming in your dream is also having the same dream about you.

So this phenomenon cannot be true at all. There are many scientific and psychological facts about it. The common belief is that when you are dreaming about a person, that person is also dreaming about you at the same time. As we mentioned above this assumption is absolutely wrong. This never happens. In fact, there is only a wrong dharna here. Because your brain makes new connections even while sleeping.

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You fall asleep but your brain never sleeps. Your brain can be easily fooled. Then after you sleep, your brain keeps on doing anything without sleeping. Like dreams like this. The person in front should also see that dream at the same time. Which is a completely false notion. Your brain dreams. But he has no such way.

So that he can know who the person coming in the dream is in real life. That’s why what your brain thinks at that time becomes a dream. That is its basis. Of course, it can happen that whatever you have been thinking about, it turns out to be your dream. Because the dream also depends on some past events of the brain. Some from the past and some from the present take a wide form in the form of dreams.

Scientific importance of this event

Now we will talk about the scientific significance of this phenomenon. Because every event has a scientific and psychological significance. Because until some event or assumption is not accepted by science, then that assumption is called false and wrong. Because you and we all know that science does not believe in wrong concepts and superstitions. He does not accept any assumption until it is fully confirmed.

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According to science and some research suggests that when a person is completely transformed in his sleep. And then dreams. So that dream is a conspiracy done by his brain. who can do anything with him. But in reality this is not happening. This phenomenon is called dream telepathy. Scientists have verified this phenomenon after their research. This phenomenon has been studied extensively and extensively by scientists.

According to scientists this is noted as the content of the consciousness hypothesis and claims that when we think deeply about something, that thing generates the same thoughts in our brain as we were thinking. And if it goes deeper here, it emerges as a dream at night.

benefit from the idea

Now we try to go home expecting this event to be that high. Thinking about us? So what is revealed by talking more deeply about it. What is someone doing before sleeping? What are you thinking? What is going on in his mind. It all depends on what measures he is taking to get relief from some worries.

And by thinking deeply about such incidents, gradually the anxiety starts decreasing. By thinking in this way, new thoughts arise in the mind at night. Those who become dreams, disprove scientific and psychological facts as untrue.

That is why by having such a dream, the effect of the worry going on in your mind is reduced because the brain always prays that all the worries that surround it should happen. And there he continued to do his work completely independently.

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We were talking that in this way Sapna frightens both of them keeping connectivity with each other. You understand that this kind of dream has come to me only. I know. When you think about someone, what do you think, you fall asleep. So the chances of having a dream about him are greatly increased.

Because it is a psychological truth. Although sometimes it may happen that when you dream of someone cut off the dress that he must be thinking of you. But there is not a clear and assertive assumption here. Now perhaps some of you may also be thinking that, if a person is dreaming, then it means that the person in front will also be seeing him in the dream. But your thinking is absolutely wrong.

What I mean is that some thoughts and feelings get imprinted in one’s mind while thinking throughout the day. That even after sleeping the brain keeps thinking about being there. And it turns out to be a dream.

Apakah benar jika kita memimpikan seseorang orang itu sedang memikirkan kita

psychological truth of this notion

There is also some psychological pouring about this dream. We would be happy to shed light on them. Because all the psychological things related to this dream can prove beneficial for you. Because such dreams keep coming to everyone. This incident has nothing to do with Pratiko. Because it is a psychological concept.

And this phenomenon or notion does not hold for symbolic life either. Oh man, remember that you are an indomitable place of thoughts and feelings in the form of your Sushma Sharif Navchetan Mann. This type of dreamer is associated with people who do not have the power to store their thoughts and feelings.

The division of the subtle body (the main source of the dream)

Now we are going to talk about the subtle body. Which, that discharges its important role to show dreams. Because dreaming is a function of the subtle body itself. The subtle body has seven layers. Each of these seven layers divides into the other seven layers. Now let’s talk about dreaming.

Dreaming depends on our biological rhythms. Because it is only because of the biological rhythm that a person is able to dream. If our bodies are absolutely friends then our soul can enter the higher layers, because in a healthy body the soul is capable of entering the higher layers. If our body is not completely healthy.

That is to say, if our physical body is vibrating less, then a psychological dream occurs in this type of body. Only thoughts and feelings appear in psychotic dreams. Sometimes it may happen that we do not have feelings in this type of dream.

Conclusion – apakah benar jika kita memimpikan seseorang orang itu sedang memikirkan kita

As you all know that we have come to know with us today that, is it true that if we dream of someone, then that person is thinking about us? And I hope You all must have understood very well on this subject. Because we have provided you all the knowledge through this article.

As we told you above that two people having the same dream at the same time is not a concept. Sometimes this can happen. Everyone has dreams. So someone’s dream is definitely found. But this is not a claimant assumption.

Through this article of ours, you must have got the knowledge that, is it true that if we dream of someone, then that person is thinking about us? In this article of ours, while giving any information about the dream world, we have also told this. What are its scientific and psychological facts. And along with this, you have been given clearly brief information about the subtle body as well.

All this knowledge that you have received above, this knowledge has been obtained through a master’s education of Gud Darshan. You may not like this knowledge of ours. And it may also be that this layer is the closest of the layers of the subtle body. Which can be discussed with everyone in that person. The one who dreams Because some people are like that. Who dreams everyday.

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