Life of an Indian forest service officer |Full Details in 2021

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life of an Indian forest service officer

Life of an Indian forest service officer |Full Details in 2021

India has a wealth of forests. India is called the home of forests. A large part of the world’s forests is the forest of India. We are proud of our Indian culture and can say with full right and courage that we are Indian, and belong with Indian culture. Wild animals live in the forest and are engaged in their work from the beginning of the day till the end of the day. They feed themselves and their children.

Wildlife is one of the most valuable assets of the forest. In this way we come to an important conclusion that it is necessary to keep one or the other orderly to protect such forests and wild animals. Because it is an important heritage of any country, and the government and residents of some countries have the right to protect them. In this way, it is necessary to have an official body to protect the various flora and fauna of the forest and for their protection. Who can maintain it, and work to improve their system and protect them.

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The authority for the protection of wildlife in India belongs to a body called the India Forest Service. Which is also called IFS (Indian Forest Service) Indian Forest Service in short form. Those who protect wild animals and plants. The Indian Forest Service comes under the important civil services of India. Story Any person selected in this service finds himself in a different and proud post, as people age to get this type of service.

What are FACTS controllers?

The Indian Forest Service belongs to the All India Service Group of the country. Its overall control and authority rests with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, and it controls it. Due to the large number of forests in India and the continuous efforts made by the government for their conservation and protection, the flora and fauna in the country remain safe and protected.

The diverse flora and variety of wildlife present and present in the forests and forests of India make it one of the most progressive countries in the world and one of the richest countries in vegetation, India made scientific first in 1864 AD during independence from British rule. Management was started and according to this management some figures of India came out according to which more than 19% of India is covered by forests, which is a very good thing for the country’s dignity and proud future.

Eligibility Criteria to become an IFS Officer:-

Now after reading all the information given above, we come to what eligibility is required to become an IAS officer. So they come to the conclusion that an IAS officer who protects another wild fauna and flora, and provides them protection. What are the qualifications and criteria for his/her selection.

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To become an IFS officer one must be graduate in any stream. That is to say, whatever stand you are from, you need a bachelor’s degree in order to give this exam. Such as Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science etc. Bachelors Degree: Bachelor of ArtsMaster Degree: Master of Arts. That is to say, if you want to appear in the IAS exam, then you must have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Work of IFS officer :-

As we are talking about what is the main job of an officer serving in the Indian Forest Service. So we come to the conclusion that the main objective and function of the officer serving in the Indian Forest Service is to secure the stability of the environment and the maintenance of ecological balance while implementing the forest policy and pay attention to its sustainability. It should not be his only aim, but it should be the aim of every citizen of the country to protect the country’s forest wealth and wild animals.

And think and discuss to increase the stability of their life. So that the dignity and pride of the country is always maintained and it does not suffer any harm. In this way, the forest is protected by the officers of the Indian Forest Service, and all the work is done to protect the wild animals. In this, it is also the right of the countrymen, that we help those officers who are serving. And we should also make every effort to increase the pride of the country shoulder to shoulder. Because the country is not just of those officers.

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They should not only care about the dignity of the country, we also live in this country. And we also have the right, that we should increase the pride of the country. and honor him in the world. So that there is no problem to our wildlife. And the vegetation also keeps running in an orderly manner. The concerned states and forest officials ensure the safety of that particular area and the ever-increasing environmental concerns and this is what every citizen of the country expects from the officials of his country.

Life of an Indian forest service officer

The job responsibilities of IFS (Indian Forest Service) officers include the protection of both plants and animals of the area given to them, and by doing all this, the country’s invaluable wealth of wildlife that resides in forests and forests. Their lives should be saved, and the continuous reduction in their castes can be controlled. And every officer of our country, who is serving in this department, is protecting the wildlife while discharging his service with utmost sincerity.

An IFS officer, when posted in rendering his service, is required to enhance the livelihood opportunities of such communities and unemployed people from the surrounding rural and tribal areas who are completely dependent on forests, wildlife and flora. And with the aim of finding new opportunities for them, a lot of work is also being done by the government for the conservation and development of forests and wildlife.

Just as many different types of animal species and certain species of animals are found in all different parts of the world, so like all other parts of the world and forest wealth story wild animals and flora, our country too It is a huge forest which is home to some distinctive breeds of flora and fauna and animals.

Which are and only where found exclusively in India.
Thus, the job of an IFS officer is to ensure that these plants and animals can live in the habitat that is created by the government under forests or wild sanctuaries. In such works, the government fully assists the officials and provides full cooperation to meet their every demand.

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Thus, by saying all this, our intention and purpose is that out of all the forests and forests of the country, the service of the selected officers in the Indian Forest Service and the important and profitable work done by them is important which is not there anywhere else.

Natural disasters keep on coming by IFS officers to protect the forests, but along with these natural disasters, they also have to deal with man-made disasters because today’s human nature is constantly changing due to changes in their culture. There are some people who go against the rules of the government and go against the officials and harm the wildlife, due to which the problems of the officers serving in the government service also increase.

Life of an Indian forest service officer

Examples of natural and man-made disasters in forest :

1) Forest fire:- It can also be due to both natural and man-made disasters, changes in nature like lightning, etc. and can also be caused by mistakes made by humans.

2)Deforestation:-It is a man-made disaster. Deforestation is being done by man due to which forests and wildlife have been greatly affected.

3) Animal hunting:-People hunt wild animals to fulfill their hobbies and for trade, due to which the species is becoming extinct.

4) Predatory human:-Man-made disaster is man should protect the flora along with forest and wild animals and should also help the officers who are serving.

5) Animal encounter:-This is a very bad man-made disaster. Due to the continuous hunting of animals, their species is becoming extinct.

6) Breed vulnerabilit:-When this is a big disaster, because of this, the wild animals living in the forest have to face a lot of problems.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) Selected Examination by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission):-

The Indian Forest Service is one of the major civil services of India, which is selected by the examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. And apart from this there are three main other All India Services i.e. Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS), examinations are also conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Such candidates who are interested to serve IFS. So they can secure their post by selecting the service as per their wish in the service selection at the time of application.

UPSC (Union Locked Service Commission) which conducts the examination for important and class A services, and selects the best among them and submits them directly to the government. The main requirement for the applicants who are planning to take the Civil Services Examination and who are going to give their all for this service and applying for this service is a bachelor’s level degree in any discipline. However, many coaching institutes have come up to assist civil service applicants to prepare students who want to apply for civil services or have already taken this step.

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These institutes provide all possible help to the students so that they get an opportunity to serve in suitable services. These types of institutes enable the students to qualify these services by providing them high quality knowledge in Preliminary Examination and Mains Examination as well as Personality Test. And train the students for these exams and introduce them in depth. And by providing test series from time to time, the students themselves make them aware of the difficulties that are coming in the examination.

The Civil Services Examination (which includes IAS, IPS, IFS or IFS.) is divided into three parts.
(Which includes IAS, IPS, IFS or IFS.) It is to say that the Civil Services Examination is conducted in 3 phases. which is like this:-
preliminary examination
Mains Exam
personality test

Applicants who successfully clear all these three stages after the final stages of the exam. He has to go for training in Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy for about 2 years. Where all the selected applicants are provided training according to their service. And realizing their responsibilities, they are groomed as a best service officer. Selected applicants are made aware of the responsibilities according to the service selected by them and they are sent for their posting after giving training according to the service.

Eligibility Criteria for appearing in UPSC Exam in IFS

There are some eligibility criteria for the applicant to take part in this examination and if all these criteria are applicable then only the applicant can apply for it. Some of the criteria for the eligibility of the applicant are as follows:-
1) The first is that he should be a citizen of India.
2) According to the second criteria, the applicant should be 21 years or above (which is suitable for UPSC).
3) Must have passed Intermediate, as without it the applicant cannot participate in the examination.
4) One has to obtain a degree from a central, state or recognized private or government university, irrespective of the course of the degree.

Apart from all these eligibility criteria, if we now look at the age of the applicant, the age of the applicant for this exam should be at least 21 years. But if we talk about what should be the maximum age of the applicant? So it turns out that the maximum age of the applicant should be 32 years for this. And apart from this, different provisions have been given according to the reservation.

For example, if one falls in the general category then the maximum number of attempts for that is 6. If there is a previous category candidate, then the number of attempts for that is 9. And if one belongs to Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe then there is no restriction on the number of attempts for that.

Conclusion : Life of an Indian forest service officer

So today in this article we have told about Life of an Indian forest service officer

So after knowing all this, it comes to the conclusion that the status of an IFS officer is very high. Now you can apply for this if you have graduation from any stream. And if you have the criteria and eligibility for UPSC, then you can apply for it. IFS is the most prestigious and popular service of the country, most talented and intellectual people come in this kind of service. They sacrifice and work hard for the service of the nation and the people. They work directly with the people and for the people. So they obviously get public attention and a lot of respect and prestige.

If you become an IFS officer, then your real and impressive life will start only after you become DFO. This happens because if you are an officer of the rank of DFO or even higher, then you have an independent office and independent decision making power. You will also have a government bungalow. And with full authority there will be a government vehicle and the driver will be accompanied by a bodyguard.

The forest officer has to travel a lot in the forest and forest. This journey becomes a part of your life, which being the 1 officer you have to take care of the whole forest and the wild animals living in it. If we talk about salary with respect, then it is the highest paid service. A forest officer also gets an opportunity to interact with his fellow IAS officers and IPS officers and also to spend time with people of good experience. In short, you will not have to face the problems that the common man has to face or is facing, because the common man has a wealth of troubles.

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