Reduced syllabus of class 10 cbse 2020-21 pdf

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Reduced syllabus of class 10 cbse 2020-21 pdf

Why have we reduced the syllabus of class 10 ?

Due to the rising enrolment that has reduced the number of class 10 students to 1 % in our school batch 2020-21. By reducing the course we will get a bigger space and we also take cognizance of our present seating capacity that won’t accommodate 20 % of college students or 100 students. So we have reduced the syllabus of class 10. These course more popular among students coming from few income families. We have reworked the syllabus into a few segments which are

1.Part VI

This syllabus’s more of organized group assignment

7 topics, each of which consists of 49 questions comprising of answerable 3 wide categories.

class 1

12th grade, full-class examinations in management information systems, mathematics and algebra.

class 2

5th grade, full-class examinations in economics, economics with special reference to financial institutions, nutrition and dietetics, anatomy and physiology, human anatomy and physiology, and politics and economics.

class 3

5th grade, full-class examinations in finance, chemistry, physics, chemistry, economics, human anatomy and physiology, science of management systems, business studies, physical science, sociology, social science, geography, science of management systems and science of educational administration.

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class 4

5th grade, full-class examinations in cosmology, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, mathematics, science of business systems, physical science, sociology, science of administration, and study of business systems, business studies.

class 5

5th grade, full-class examinations in computers, mathematics, chemistry, languages, language arts, history, human anatomy and physiology, anthropology, business studies, design and architecture, and abroad studies.

class 6

5th grade, full-class examinations in computers, mathematics, chemistry, languages, language arts, history, social science, history, computer science, physical education, and architecture.

class 7

5th grade, full-class examinations in medicine, engineering, physical education, physical education and architecture.

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class 8

5th grade, full-class examinations in mathematics, education, social science, languages, mathematics, general studies, chemistry, science of political economy, computer science, management information systems, law, engineering, social studies, humanities, science of management systems, text media studies, humanities, sciences of education systems, literature studies, human anatomy and physiology, creative arts, management studies, film studies, photography, design, architecture, and textiles.

class 9

5th grade, full-class examinations in science of management systems, management systems, accounting, international education studies, physical education, science of education systems, humanities, chemistry, physics, physical education, human physiology, computer science, language studies, management studies, engineering, social studies, technology studies, and abroad studies.

class 10

5th grade, full-class examinations in engineering, computer science, arts and design, sciences of education, film studies, design, humanities, modern languages, management studies, mathematics, social studies, management information systems, management, social studies, computer science, technology studies, classics and novels, mathematics, reading, humanities, education, history and classics, management studies, humanities, literature studies, music studies, and mythology studies

Entire class 10 syllabus consists of 1 vs 70 portions

Approx. 30 minutes for single questions for students who will appear for one exam or 210 minutes for students who will appear for 10 questions

What are the important topics of the CBSE 10th syllabus 2021-22?

CBSE 10th syllabus 2021-22 chapter wise marks distribution, Reduced syllabus of class 10 cbse 2020-21 pdf

Note that the CBSE 10th syllabus is an annual summary of the syllabus to be taken for CBSE Class 10 in academic year 2021-22. The CBSE 10th syllabus 2021-22 syllabus is divided into core and non-core subjects. In order to know the syllabus two students should have cleared CBSE Class 10 before the CBSE 10th exam. Here are the most important topics of the CBSE 10th syllabus 2021-22.


Food Safety and Hygiene: This course under the Department of Education of CBSE focuses on the subject of Food Safety and Hygiene which in turn states about food system and other modalities of spreading infections caused by food which includes poultry, dairy products and fish. CBSE Board of Education 12th board of studies is another official board which prepares students for CBSE 10th board examination.

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IPADI – Nutrition, Dietetics, Nutrition and Medicine – The course under ICEDA (Journal and emphasizes on nutrition. The training process for nursing in nursing provides training on nutritional roles and responsibilities. It has helped me to help my daughter gain knowledge of dietetics and nutritional concerns.

CHEMISTRY: The course under the Department of Education of CBSE works on main cuisines of India-Food, Semiotic Arts, Vegetarianism, Physical Defects of the body and Islam. Students can earn degrees from this course.

ICEDA (Journal and

RICARDO – Documenting and Indexing: In this course, students gain knowledge of documentum, compasses and arrangement. This subject helps to organize audio, video files to make presentation easier and provide an opportunity to learn some English language skills.

DISCUSSION BRIEF: Reduced syllabus of class 10 cbse 2020-21

As mentioned earlier two CBSE 10th students should have completed CBSE Class 10 before taking the CBSE 10th test. Both have already taken CBSE Class 10. The joint board test which is a process consisting of computer based test and oral exam begins with both CBSE Class 10 students. The CBSE 10th Board exam is the easiest exam to take to take part in CBSE Class 12 and CBSE 15.

Following are the important CBSE Class 10 questions to take the CBSE Class 10 exam on the CBSE Board of Education.

Sharing what the top things are that happens in the CBSE exams is very difficult. However, there is a quick way to learn about those things. CBSE examinations have made it easy by preparing students for the CBSE exams. The CBSE 10th exam helps students to distinguish themselves from the rest of students.

Moreover, this exam prepares students for the CBSE Math, History, Biology, Chemistry, and Medicine questions in CBSE Class 12 and CBSE 15. The CBSE Mathematics and Chemistry exams are being carried out by papers numbered 18 and 65 respectively. CBSE Board Maths and Chemistry question papers will be of 3 exams and CBSE Chemistry Paper examination will be of only 1 exam.

Athena (Bharat Sabha Shuddhananda Sen) is your guide to the ABCD, practices of health fitness, body fitness, and nutrition. For more results, read her other article in Puducherry Today.

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