SBI Pulse credit card – Benefits & Features – Apply Now 2023

SBI Pulse credit card is an innovative initiative by SBI bank. There are an extended variety of credit cards offered by SBI bank. This particular SBI Pulse credit card is best for those who love fitness because this credit card comes with a unique welcome gift for fitness freaks, i.e. a fitness pass membership for one year.

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Apart from that, there are lots of features and benefits offered with this SBI Pulse credit card. Here in this article, we will discuss all about the SBI Pulse credit card. 

Key benefits of SBI Pulse credit card

These are the key benefits of the SBI Pulse credit card

  • Up to 8 complimentary national airport lounge access in every 2 quarters. 
  • Get 1-year NetMeds prime membership for free with your SBI Pulse credit card 
  • For every Rs.100 spent on any pharmacy, you can get 10 reward points every time. 
  • Fuel surcharge can get up to 1% when transactions between Rs 500-1000
  • Win a Get Priority Pass Membership, which is worth $99 for the first 2 years

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How to apply for SBI Pulse credit card?

There are two ways that you can use to apply for SBI Pulse credit card, online and offline. For offline, you need to visit your nearest SBI bank branch and bank officials will help you to get your credit card through fulfil an application and submit it with all the required documents in the bank branch. 

For online application, you need to follow these given steps correctly, 

  • Go to the official website of SBI bank
  • Click on the Apply option. 
  • Click on the Apply now option to proceed further. 
  • Select SBI pulse credit card from the card range. 
  • Click on the Apply now option once more. 
  • Now you need to fill all the given boxes with correct information such as your name, phone number etc. 
  • After fill all the boxes, click on the submit option to complete the procedure. 

Then there is an application ID sent to your registered mobile number for further reference. 

Eligibility criteria of SBI Card PULSE

To apply for an SBI Pulse credit card, first, you need to check out the below list of eligibility criteria, 

  • The applicants’ age needs to be between 21-60 years.
  • Those below 21 years are not able to apply for an SBI Pulse credit card. 
  • The applicants need to an Indian, as non-Indians can not apply for this card
  • The person must have a stable income.
  • The income should be a minimum of 2 lacs annually.

Documents required for SBI Pulse credit card

Here, the following is the list of documents that you need to ready when applying for an SBI Pulse credit card

  • Address proof 

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Any one of the following needs to submit 

  • Aadhaar card
  • Electricity bill 
  • Voter card 
  • PAN card 
  • Identity proof
  • PAN card 
  • Passport 
  • Aadhaar card 
  • Voter card 
  • Driving licence
  • Income proof
  • Salary slip for salaried individuals 
  • Bank passbook records 
  • IT certificate  
  • More documents
  • Duly signed application form 
  • Passport size photograph

Feature and benefits of SBI Card PULSE

With your SBI Pulse credit card, you can get a lot outstanding of features and benefits. So just take a look at the feature and benefits of the SBI Pulse credit card, 

  • Welcome benefits 
  1. After getting your SBI Pulse credit card, you will get welcome benefits like, 
  2. A Noise ColorFit Pulse smartwatch worth Rs 4,999 as a welcome gift with your SBI Pulse credit card when you pay the joining fee.
  • Health benefits 
  1. Apart from the smartwatch, you can also get some health benefits as a welcome gift, these are, 
  2. Free Fitpass Pro Membership for 1 year
  3. Free NetMeds membership for 1 year. 
  4. Please note, these welcome gifts can only avail when you pay the joining fee and at least after 1 retail transaction. And these memberships are renewed every year after paying the renewal fee. 
  • Reward points
  1. You can also earn reward points on every spend with your SBI Pulse credit card.
  2. 10 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent on pharmacy, movies, chemist and dining. 
  3. Earn 2 reward points on every rest transaction category. 
  4. Please note, you can redeem these reward points against the reward catalogue shown on the bank website. The value of 4 reward points is equal to Rs. 1 
  • Milestone benefits 
  1. After reaching a spending limit on your SBI Pulse credit card you will get milestone benefits, let’s check out these milestone benefits 
  2. After spending 2 lakhs with your card, you will get a renewal fee waiver. 
  3. An e-voucher of Rs. 1500 after spending 4 lakhs. 
  • Insurance covers 

Along with all the above benefits, the SBI Pulse credit card comes with some insurance covers, these are, 

  1. Fraud liability up to 1 lakh. 
  2. In case of an air accident, you can get up to 50 lakhs cover. 
  3. In case of loss, checked-in baggage is approx USD 1000 covered.
  4. For loss of travel documents, get Rs 12,000 cover. 
  5. For baggage, the damage gets up to Rs 5000 cover. 
  6. If you’ve checked in delayed then you can get cover up to Rs. 7500. 
  1. Airport lounge access 

With the SBI Pulse credit card, you will get airport lounge access with your tickets, see how many visits you can get with your card, 

8 complimentary domestic lounge access, 2 visits per quarter. 

  • Fuel surcharge waiver 
  1. 1% surcharge waiver across all petrol pumps in India on refiling fuel. 
  2. Maximum waiver of Rs. 250 per month you can get when refilling your fuel. 
  3. This amount is only available on transactions between Rs. 500 – 1000. 
  • FlexiPay facility
  1. FlexiPay facility is included with your SBI Pulse credit card, which can afford heavy credit card transaction amounts. 
  2. From Rs 2500 to the above transaction can be converted with this facility. 
  3. Conversion of a credit card transaction is only allowed within 30 days of the transaction. As it ensures that you do not miss this, and only after the conversion you will get the benefits. But remember, you need to do EMI transactions to avail of this offer.  
  • Worldwide usage 
  1. Did you know you can use your Pulse credit card all over the world without any limit restrictions? This SBI Pulse credit card can use in over 24 million outlets throughout the world. Not only that within India only there are more than 3.25 lakhs outlets available here. 

Fees and charges of SBI Card PULSE

Let’s check out the fees and charges of the SBI Pulse credit card, 

  • Annual or joining fee of your SBI Pulse credit card is Rs. 1499. 
  • The renewal fee of this credit card is Rs. 1499. 
  • There is no such add-on card fee taken by the bank for this particular credit card. 
  • If you spend more than Rs. 2 lakhs in a year, the waiving is off. 
  • Interest-free period of this card is a minimum of 20 days to a maximum of 50 days. 
  • The reward redemption fee for this card is Rs. 99. 
  • The card replacement fee is Rs. 100 – 250. 
  • The cheque payment fee amount is Rs. 100. 
  • The foreign markup fee is 3.5% of the total amount. 
  • ATM withdrawal charges are 2.5% with less than Rs. 500 amount. 
  • In case of bill, amount is Rs. 0-500, there are no late payment charges needed. 
  • When the amount is above Rs. 500 to 1000 the late payment charge is Rs. 400. 
  • For the bill amount between Rs. 1001 to, 10000 the charge is Rs 750. 
  • When the amount is between Rs. 10001 to 25000 the charge amount is Rs. 950. 
  • In case the bill amount is 25001 to 50000 the charge amount is Rs. 1100. 
  • If the bill amount is above Rs. 50000 then the late payment charge is Rs. 1300. 

Please keep note that above mention fees and charges will be included tax and charges at the time of final billing. And this chart of fees and charges is subject to change as per the rules of the Government of India. 

Payment gateways 

There are many payment gateway options available to pay your bill, let’s just take a look into it, 

  • You can pay your credit card bills through NEFT. 
  • There is also Paynet option available for bill payment. 
  • Use SBI credit card online bill payment option through NACH. 
  • Well, you can use any bank’s debit card to pay your credit card bill. 
  • If you are an SBI customer, then you can use the YONO app by SBI for bill payment. 
  • Use UPI to pay your credit card bill. 
  • You can also use gateways like Paytm or Gpay for easy bill payment option. 
  • You can also link your bank account with your credit card and make it auto credit the bill amount every month on a particular date. So, you do not need to remember anything, the bill amount will automatically debit from your account every month. 

FAQs :

What is Pulse card in SBI?

A unique credit card created exclusively for people who choose an active and healthy lifestyle is SBI Card Pulse.

Is SBI Pulse card good?

One of the best solutions for clients who want to keep up an active and healthy lifestyle is SBI Card Pulse. Additionally, this card entitles you to discounts on fuel and travel purchases.

Is SBI Pulse card free?

The State Bank of India (SBI), one of the biggest banks in the nation, has introduced the SBI Card Pulse, a credit card with a fitness focus that is especially made for people with active lifestyles. The card has an annual cost of Rs. 1,499.

Can I withdraw money from SBI pulse credit card?

You can withdraw cash from more than 1 million Visa ATMs worldwide, including 18,000 ATMs in India, if you have an SBI Card PULSE Card.

Conclusion :

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