Lohagarh Farms: Rural Getaway Near Delhi

Nestled near lively Delhi, Lohagarh Farms lets city folks escape to peaceful rural Indian life. It’s a beautiful sanctuary where people can enjoy nature, sample organic foods, and get a taste of traditional village culture.

This farm is more than a place to visit; it’s a chance to step back in time and live simply. As soon as you arrive, you forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life. Instead, you’re enveloped by peace and marvel.

Lohagarh Farms doesn’t just give tours; it works to help local villagers find jobs and keep their traditional crafts alive. By becoming part of the village community, visitors learn and help preserve their ways of life.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover a peaceful rural escape just outside of Delhi at Lohagarh Farms
  • Experience authentic village life and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture
  • Savor the farm-fresh, organic produce and traditional Indian cuisine
  • Engage with the local community and support the preservation of heritage and traditions
  • Unwind and reconnect with nature in a serene, tranquil setting

Experience Rustic Charm at Lohagarh Farms

Visit Lohagarh Farms to see the heart of rural India. You’ll find simple pleasures in the countryside. It’s a breath of fresh air from city life, bringing peace and real rural culture.

Embrace Rural Life’s Simplicity

Life slows down at Lohagarh Farms. It’s all about nature and the local community. You can enjoy farm views, tractor rides, and camel safaris, feeling the joys of living in the country.

Immerse in Vibrant Village Culture

Goes beyond the farm into the nearby village. There, you’ll see bustling culture and tradition. Meet artisans, see traditional crafts, and feel the deep traditions of rural India.

“Lohagarh Farms is a true haven for those seeking an authentic rural experience. The simplicity and warmth of village life here are truly unforgettable.” – John Doe, Travel Enthusiast

Looking to run from the city or see nature’s beauty? Or maybe dive into rural India’s colorful culture? Lohagarh Farms is the place. Get ready to be drawn into its quiet beauty, fun activities, and love for the rural life.

Indulge in lohagarh farms’ Delectable Local Cuisine

Lohagarh Farms is proud of its tasty local food. It serves up authentic Indian dishes with fresh, organic ingredients. You can enjoy dishes like bajra ki roti, makki ki roti, and bajra ki khichdi. These are all made from the farm’s own harvest. This makes the eating a real taste of India’s food culture.

Savor Farm-Fresh Organic Produce

Here, eating is about celebrating the land’s riches. Chefs prepare the food with care, using top organic ingredients. Dishes range from Rajasthani to village delights, all full of the farm’s harvest.

You’ll find specialties like Kadhi, Sarso Ka Saag, and more on the menu. They cook with a “MITTI KA CHOOLAH,” adding a special flavor.

They also have a variety of drinks, including Nimboo Shikanjee and Chaach. Main courses come with tasty sides, like Lahsoon ki Chutney and salad. If you love desserts, you’ll have plenty to choose from, like Halwa and Rasgulla.

People love the food at Lohagarh Farms. One guest said, “Most amazing I ever had!!” Another wrote, “Amazing taste, and juicy steaks!! Best ever!!” It’s all thanks to the farm’s focus on fresh, local, and organic ingredients. This has made it a top spot for a great meal.

Unleash Your Inner Child with Fun Activities

At Lohagarh Farms, you’ll find loads of outdoor activities and adventure sports. They’re great for both kids and adults. You can enjoy thrilling experiences like zip lining and Tarzan swinging. But there are also fun rural games for something more traditional. This spot near Delhi is perfect for feeling young again and making lasting memories.

Adventure Activities Galore

Love excitement? Try the NCR’s longest and highest zipline, 224 meters long and 40 meters high. Or if you prefer close-to-the-ground fun, there’s commando crawling and obstacle courses. For a military-style adventure, these are perfect. You can also aim in archery, shoot at targets, and enjoy the popular ‘Smash the Glass’.

Traditional Rural Games and Sports

Feel the joy of childhood with classic rural games like lattoo and gulli danda. The farm is also set up for more serious sports like cricket and kabaddi. It lets visitors show off their sports skills. There’s also activities like sack races and tug of war. They’re perfect for fun times with family.

Lohagarh Farms is a dream for adventurous and nostalgic souls. It offers outdoor fun, adventure sports, and old-school rural games. These activities will make you feel young again and give you unforgettable memories.

“The best part about Lohagarh Farms is the way it transports you back to your childhood, with all the fun and games you used to love. It’s a perfect getaway for the entire family.”

– Rekha Sharma, Traveler

Zip LiningStarting from ₹1599
Go-KartingStarting from ₹296
Paintball BattlesIncluded in package
Tarzan SwingingIncluded in package
Cricket, Football, VolleyballFree

Fuel your sense of adventure and relive childhood joy at Lohagarh Farms. This destination near Delhi offers something for thrill-seekers and fans of old games alike. You’ll all have an amazing time.

Embark on a Journey of Sustainable Agriculture

Lohagarh Farms is all about sustainable agriculture and regenerative farming. It’s a place where people learn innovative organic farming practices. These put the environment first and produce healthy crops without pesticides.

They use a community-supported agriculture model. This way, guests learn why sustainable food systems matter. They also learn to value the food they eat more. It’s an approach that makes visitors part of a move towards a better future.

Explore Regenerative Farming Practices

Visitors at Lohagarh Farms can learn about regenerative farming. It’s more than just organic farming. It heals the soil and makes it fertile again. This is done through cover cropping, minimal tilling, and adding natural materials. Such methods create a rich environment for plants and animals at the farm.

This approach yields plenty of good, clean food without harming the land. Guests see how these methods transform farming. They also understand why regenerative agriculture is key to keeping our planet healthy.

“Sustainable agriculture is not just about growing food – it’s about nurturing the land, respecting the environment, and building a resilient food system for generations to come.” – Lohagarh Farms’ Sustainability Coordinator

Choosing Lohagarh Farms means choosing a path to discover and support sustainable farming. It’s a way to be closer to the earth, help local communities, and care for the planet.

Sustainable Agriculture PracticesBenefits
Organic FarmingPesticide-free produce, reduced environmental impact, improved soil health
Regenerative FarmingSoil restoration, increased biodiversity, carbon sequestration
Community-Supported AgricultureDirect connection between farmers and consumers, support for local food systems

Discover the Best Picnic Spot Near Delhi

Lohagarh Farms is just a short drive from Delhi, making it perfect for a picnic. It’s ideal for families, friends, and even companies wanting a break. You’ll find lots to do and peace in the countryside there.

It’s rated 4 out of 5 by visitors, showing it’s loved for picnics. Picnic costs range from INR 650 to INR 1,150, so it fits many budgets.

They have so many fun activities for everyone. You can do a mud bath, take a tubewell bath, or play games. They mix fun with culture well.

Lohagarh Farms doesn’t just have fun games. The picnic area is also well-prepared for you. The beautiful setting and family feel make it perfect to relax away from the city.

Are you thinking about a family day out, team-building, or a school trip? Lohagarh Farms has you covered. It’s close to Delhi NCR and promises a memorable time. With both traditional and modern fun, it’s one of Delhi’s top picnic spots.

lohagarh farms: A Family-Friendly Getaway

Just 15 kilometers from Rajiv Chowk in Gurugram, Lohagarh Farms is a perfect family spot. It’s a beautiful place for families to spend time together. With many activities and tasty local food, it’s great for all ages.

Bridging the Generational Gap

Lohagarh Farms lets families experience the simple and colorful life of the countryside. There are many things families can do together, like tractor rides and playing Gulli Danda. And don’t miss the delicious Makke ki roti with saag.

The farm has lots to offer, from Zip Lines to old-school village games. Everyone gets unlimited food and drinks, making sure they enjoy the day. It’s a chance for families to connect and make lasting memories.

At this farm, you can see and learn about India’s rural culture. There’s local art, a vegetable farm, and a mini zoo to explore. It’s more than just a place for fun; it’s where we learn and respect India’s rich traditions.

“Lohagarh Farms is a wonderful place that brings back happy memories and connects us with India’s rural culture. It’s ideal for families looking for a special place to spend time together.”

If you’re thinking of a family gathering or a weekend away, Lohagarh Farms is ideal. With warm hospitality, fun things to do, and local food, it’s a top choice. This gem near Delhi is perfect for a relaxing and inspiring trip.


Lohagarh Farms is a special place for city folks wanting to escape near Delhi. It’s a beautiful farm close to the city. It mixes old-time charm, rural life, and green practices.

Here, you can enjoy simple village life and taste amazing local foods. The farm focuses on being eco-friendly. It uses green farming and cares about responsible travel.

If you’re looking for outdoor family fun, nature, or rural India’s culture, Lohagarh Farms is perfect. They have lots to do. This makes it great for work events or personal parties too.


What is Lohagarh Farms?

Lohagarh Farms is a peaceful spot not far from Delhi. It’s perfect for city folks to enjoy life in the country. It’s a break from city noise, letting people dive into rural Indian life and its culture.

What can visitors experience at Lohagarh Farms?

You can really feel India’s rural charm at Lohagarh Farms. Meet village artisans and see age-old customs. You’ll also learn about the area’s rich past. Plus, enjoy eating local dishes with organic foods straight from the farm.

What types of activities are available at Lohagarh Farms?

For fun, there’s something for everyone at Lohagarh Farms. Thrill-seekers can try zip lining and more. For those into traditional games, there’s lattoo and kabaddi. It’s fun for kids and adults alike.

How does Lohagarh Farms prioritize sustainability?

Lohagarh Farms takes farming to a greener level. They use eco-friendly methods for organic, healthy crops. The farm also lets guests see how they grow their food. This connects visitors with sustainable farming.

Why is Lohagarh Farms considered a great picnic spot near Delhi?

It’s a top picnic choice near Delhi because of its calm, well-kept grounds. Families, friends, and even work groups will find lots to do there. It’s spot on for a quick break or to have outdoor fun.

How is Lohagarh Farms a family-friendly getaway?

For families looking for a fun escape, Lohagarh Farms has it all. With many activities and games, it brings all ages together. By living the rural life for a bit, everyone can share and respect old Indian ways.


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