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Amazon Credit Card bill quiz Answers is a fun initiative by Amazon pay users. This has happened live on the Amazon Pay section and anyone can get a chance to participate in this Quiz game, you just only need a valid Amazon user account.

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This quiz can only play by Amazon customers in India. Our motive is to make you know all the questions and answers to this quiz, so you can win the competition and exciting Amazon prices next time you play it. 

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Where to find the Amazon credit card bill quiz?

Amazon credit card bill quiz is added to the Amazon Pay segment a few times ago. It is an everyday live quiz section, interested customers can take part every day and win exciting prizes offers by Amazon. You can find this quiz section at Amazon Pay.

Just install the Amazon official app and create or log in to your account and go to the Amazon Pay section. Then click on the Amazon credit card bill quiz option. After that, click on the banner to start the quiz.

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How to play the Amazon credit card bill quiz?

To play the Amazon credit card bill quiz you need to follow the given steps, if you are already an Amazon customer then you can skip the first few steps.

  • Download the Amazon official app from Google Play Store on your Android phone or from Apple Store on your iPhone.
  • After install the Amazon app, open and create an Amazon account 
  • After that, go to the bottom of the Amazon app home screen 
  • Click on the Amazon credit card bill quiz option or else you can find Amazon fun zone on the search bar then click on the quiz option. 
  • After this, the quiz will be start, or sometimes you need to manually click on the start button to start the quiz. 
  • In this section three are in total 5 questions will be asked and to win exciting prices you need to give all the right answer of these questions. 
  • Later after completing the quiz you will be selected for a lucky draw. 
  • Every day 15 lucky draw winners selected, if you are lucky enough you can get the chance to win this quiz. 

What are the terms and conditions of playing the Amazon credit card bill quiz?

To play the Amazon credit card bill quiz, you need to follow these terms and conditions, 

The contestant need to be an Indian citizen or living in India legally. 

To participate in the quiz, the contestant must be an age above 18 years or above. 

Below 18 years of age are not able to participate in the quiz. 

Only participants who give all the answers of the quiz correctly can be able for the next round, i.e. lucky draw.

The winners will be selected through lucky draw and every day 15 participants will be selected as winners of the day. 

All the winners need to have a verified mobile number with Amazon to claim the prize. 

You need to give the permission of your Amazon app such as name, gender, likeness, image, video, recording etc. 

All this information that are shared with the Amazon will be treated as per Amazon’s privacy rules. 

The company has reserved the right to change any terms and conditions of the quiz contest at any time. 

The company also reserves the right to cancel the quiz contest at any time. 

All the questions and answers to the Amazon credit card bill quiz

Question.1. Which are the following fields needs to be entered or selected while paying credit card bills on Amazon?

Answer: All of these 

Question.2. By paying your credit card bills on Amazon using Amazon Pay UPI before 1st February, which of these offers can you avail?

Answer: Get 100% cashback up to INR 8000 back*

Question.3. Through Amazon Pay, you can pay credit card bills for which of these banks? 

Answer: All of these 

Question.4. Amazon supports credit card bi;; payments for which of these operators?

Answer: All of these 

Question.5. Credit card bills on Amazon can be using which of these payment methods/

Answer: Both of these 

Question.6. It is advisable to make your credit card bill payment at least within 4 business days before the last day of payment

Answer: True 

Question.7. With the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card, you get ___ every time you pay (for all non EMI orders). Fill in the blanks 

Answer: Rewarded 

Question.8. Which of these is true about Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card 

Answer: It is a lifetime free credit card 

Question.9. If you buy mobile through the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card, you will get 5% reward points if you are a ___ customer. Fill in the blank. 

Answer: Prime 

Question.10. You will get no reward points for buying which of these with  Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card?

Answer: None of these 

Question.11. Reward points won through using Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card comes to your Amazon Pay Balance at what frequency?

Answer: Every month

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Conclusion :

Here We discuse about amazon credit card bill quiz and know about some question and answer so if you like this article then share with your freinds. Thank You

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